Ludum Dare 33 [DAY 1]

Ludum Dare 33, our third game jam and our second Ludum Dare participation with our first being Drop It in Ludum Dare 32 with the theme being An Unconventional Weapon. This year’s theme is You Are The Monster. A very interesting theme indeed. The team started with brainstorming and throwing in a lot of ideas. Mostly gameplay and […]

Last chance to rate DROP IT!

The end (of Ludum Dare 32) is neigh ? We would greatly appreciate if one of your last few ratings went to our game: DROP IT! Here is a teaser gif   Oh and BTW we will keep improving this game and we plan to eventually publish it to Android and Windows Phone

A small Egyptian Team’s experience in Ludum Dare

We are a small egyptian team called “Null DIES” that started way back in 2010 we’ve been making incomplete games since then, and thanks to Ludum Dare this is technically our first “complete” game. We still can’t believe that this game didn’t exist 3 days ago (feels like a month’s work!).Our name actually originated from the fact […]