Everything out of Nothing

We take Games Very Seriously

Null Digital Illusion and Entertainment Studio is a game development studio based in Cairo, Egypt. To us, games are a form of art, games are the residue of a funnel that had music, visuals, and other artistic forms. However, with all the factors that games share with media games have an upper hand for being interactive. Simply put, games are elegant technological art pieces.

We take playing very seriously. It is very important to know how to have fun and how you can make others have it. Our studio's culture and nature promotes fun and creativity, we love playing and we want to share it with everyone. We do our best to reflect our values in our games regardless of it being a clients game or our own baby. We want to share our imagination with everyone and make people live experiences that are truly out of this world. Null DIES projects range from mini-games to full length games to Virtual Reality games.

Game Design

How do you play the game? What's the narrative? What is the genre of the game? How to have fun? That's what our game design department does, be it a video game or a physical game, we will create the mechanics and the game rules and goals. We create the fun!

Game Programming

Do you want a mobile app? Do you want a PC game, do You want VR? Our programming department is the best in multiplatform games, we program the rules of play of the game and its mechanics. We program a reliable game that supports any platform you need!

Game Art and Animations

2D? 3D? UI? Our art department is responsible for anything you see. We will take you through the whole process to make sure you get what you want. There is no limit, we do 2D 3D, concept art, environment art, characters, and UI/HUD