A universe where Gamma Champions seek and destroy each other in an ever changing environment. Gamma Champions hunt each other in a dark room with nothing but a sonar gun to help them see and a Gamma Ray gun to eliminate their enemies.


Achroma is a virtual reality multiplayer shooter game where players use Sonic Wave Guns in order to locate each other and use a Gamma Ray Gun in order to eliminate each other. A player wins when they have the most kills in a game session.

The game was developed for HTC Vive as part of the Global Game Jam 2017 competition with the themeĀ Waves. The game was created in under 48 hours.



The game is compatible with Null Nation.


  • Ahmad Osama

    Game Designer

  • Amr Kandil

    Creative Director & Co-Founder

  • ElHassan Makled

    CEO, Game Director & Co-Founder

  • Farah Mourad

    Game Artist

  • Hassan Aly Selim

    Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder

  • Ismaeel ElSinaty

    Game Design and Level Design

  • Khaled Gamal

    Game Programmer

  • Mark Ragaee

    3D Artist

  • Miada Nour

    Game Artist

  • Mina Samy

    Music Composer & Sound Designer

  • Mohamed Melouk

    Game Programmer

  • Nadine Ayman

    Game Designer

  • Shady Magdy

    3D Artist and Animator

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