Null Digital Illusion and Entertainment Studio is a game development studio based in Cairo, Egypt. To us, games are a form of art, games are the residue of a funnel that had music, visuals, and other artistic forms. However, with all the factors that games share with media games have an upper hand for being interactive. Simply put, games are elegant technological art pieces.

What Do we Do?

We do everything that is games. We specialize in Video Games. We work on cross platform projects from mobile to console to PC to Virtual Reality. We love to make people play. If you want to play and looking for someone to tell you how. Well, you are in the right place. We use the latest technologies to create interactive experiences that immerse the players in worlds beyond their imagination.

Who We Are

No one knows, some say we are the descendants of Super Mario, others say we were part of a special force that no longer exists because a company kicked out a game designer. Our origin story keeps getting rebooted by the writers but our characters remain as the enthusiastic artists, developers, and game designers that are united in play! We love games, we are imaginative and we are technically competente... that's competent in Spanish.

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How We Work

Think of us as a well oiled machine, We do Synergy and enterpreunurship and all these cool words people use to sound productive. Keeping it true and simple, our team works well to provide an experience that follows a theme or topic. Our experience in game jams made us able to come up with an idea and implement an MVP in less than 48 hours! That picture down there, that's us after 48 hours of work winning the Global Game Jam in Egypt.