Ludum Dare 33 [Day 2]

August 24, 2015 | ElHassan Makled

Day 2 of Ludum Dare 33, things are moving smoothly so far. Since the game has no level design the second day was exclusive for modeling and programming only. If you want to read more about Day 1 check it out here.


Color Related Items.

Starting the day with a nice coffee and a little bit of research for flowers. We thought that if we took the meanings behind certain flower species we could make a connection between their meaning and their functionality in the game. However, we decided to change this approach. Adding fantasy to the flowers would make them look more “magical” so to speak.




Take a look at this rose for instance. It is made out of Ice. The Crystal petals add a very nice effect too making it look as something more than just a normal rose. If you look closely too, you will realize how nonuniform its petals are. This design approach was taken to better visualize the chaos of nature. Unlike the Order’s Items which you will see later on this blog post.


The same thing was done for this flower (The Glass Flower). You could see that each petal reflects the other petals giving the flower a very glossy/glassy feel.


The Order Related Items

When it comes to creating something for a group like The Order one must think of how “ordered” they are. When creating their items we took a very symmetric approach with modeling them. The items we created include landmines and shock-poles.



3D Render of the Mine




3D Render of the Shock-Pole

Although these two items are low-poly. They are very organized, symmetrical, and smooth with barely any rough edges unlike the items related to Color.


Also modeling of the Order Soldiers and Color started today. Since Color has more randomness she is taking more time to model as we are literally modeling her one polygon at a time. However the Order Soldiers are very symmetrical as seen in this picture.

theorder back theorder frong

The inspiration for their design came from Storm Troopers, who where inspired from uniforms of older Nazi Germany and right now are inspiring films like The Hunger Games and more. The bright white attire with black touches and accessories.


The game mechanics were finished today, everything works fine. However, it needs more beautifying, and that’s for the Third Day.

We managed to test the items and mines and also managed to rig and animate the character in a such a short time thanks to Mixamo  for their unbelievable service.


Here is a nice screenie showing what we reached in the game.


LD33 Day2 Screenie


I know our beautiful monster is not yet to be seen. But we are leaving best for last.

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