Drop It

DROP IT is a colorful chaotic fast-paced side-scrolling dubstep-based game!

Bass is a hero with a vision to enhance the world with the power and love of the bass sound, and what better way to do so other than using his trusty DUBSTEP GUN…. an unconventional weapon? Maybe… But his arch-nemesis Treble is highly affected by it, especially her creepy minions.

Do you have what it takes to DROP IT?

A Brief History:

This game was Null DIES entry in LUDUM DARE 32. The concept of the game was unconventional weapon. After hours of brain storming and coming up with various ideas we decided to use the DUBSTEP GUN as our unconventional weapon and created the game, DROP IT!.

The game was created in under 72 hours with all original assets except music, which was used from royalty free sources. Currently the team is working on creating original music for this game to launch it as soon as possible to all devices and platforms. We are also working on expanding the game design to give the game more depth. We hope you enjoy DROP IT!

Spacebar – Hover upwards (jump)
QWER – Shoot dubstep waves (watch for the cool-down on the bottom-right)
Enter – DROP THE BASS! (check the bass meter on the bottom-left)

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Release Trailer


  • Amr Kandil

    Creative Director & Co-Founder

  • ElHassan Makled

    CEO, Game Director & Co-Founder

  • Hassan Aly Selim

    Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder

  • Ismaeel ElSinaty

    Game Design and Level Design

  • Shady Magdy

    3D Artist and Animator

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