Null Goes to Rise Up Summit 2016

December 20, 2016 | ElHassan Makled

Null participated in Rise Up Summit 2016 with the Virtual Reality Arcade, show casing DROP IT VR.


Drop it VR is a virtual reality game created by Null DIES. The game focuses on shooting monsters with the power of music. Null has been doing a virtual reality tour educating people about VR and the different platforms that are there. During the tour people got to try DROP IT VR and got to compete with one another and request features and Null responded instantly. The tour came to an end at Rise Up Summit. During the summit Null presented a newer version of Drop It VR, a cooperative version. This is one of the biggest challenges currently in VR. However, Null understands the importance of such feature. It is not fun to play alone, so multiplayer was a necessity.


One of the challenges of having multiplayer VR, is that you want two players in different places to interact with one another, and with a technology like the HTC Vive. There will be a high possibility of interference if the players where in each other’s line of site. In order to solve this problem, with help from the rise up team, we managed to build a 3×3 room where we can host one player, and then we closed a 3×3 outdoor space to host the second player.


During the first two days we hosted a Single Player experience, as the outdoor space was a collaboration between us and between one of our all time partners, Chameleon Co-Working. During these days a lot of players helped with the feedback, including Alaa ElSheikh – Al Mowaten. Here is a small video

Key to multiplayer is communication! We built our own voice chat system that would communicate on a local network to get two players to communicate stances and coordinate with one another. Here are nice snippets from multiplayer games.


Drop It VR’s Multiplayer Mode was just the beginning of something greater! We are still developing the game to refine it and make it better each day. Expect to see Drop It VR with new looks very soon!

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